Becs has been singing for as long as she cares to remember. She probably sings almost as much as she talks, which is a lot. If it has a melody, she will sing it, although, if it has a country twang, she’ll sing it doubly loud!

Becs has been singing with Chris for the past four years. She has encouraged Chris to duet and to sing solo and in return, he has given her the shove she needed to pick up her guitar again.

Prior to singing with Chris, Becs sang with the military wives choirs in Benson and Yeovilton. Whilst with Benson choir, she was selected to join 99 other military wives and Gareth Malone, to sing as part of the War Horse Prom, at the Royal Albert Hall in 2014. A career highlight and an unforgettable experience, not least for the friends she made during this time. She is however equally as happy singing at any event, favouring country, blues and folk, but not averse to adding in some pop, rock and a little bluegrass. As she says, if it has a melody…..

Chris Chambers has been an avid guitar player since his school days. His first band at University in 1994 was a small function band playing parties and student gigs and covering a mix of Britpop, Commitments etc.

After 16 years of a serving in the Armed Forces, Chris left the military and devoted more attention to playing, performing and understanding the local music scene in Somerset. Chris and Becs Hendry collaborated in early 2016 and have been playing and performing regularly since.

Chris’ style is mainly a finger-picking, travis picking style but also plays some pop and contemporary styles. Expect more than just “strumming” – intricate and multi-faceted techniques and playing, which is mainly self-taught, but Chris also regularly meets with a professional guitarist/musician for formal mentoring and coaching.