Cajon Session, 26th May 2019

You would have thought that 1 guitar and a singer should be quite a simple arrangement to get right for a performance. But actually – it’s quite tough! As a guitarist I feel quite exposed providing the timing, rhythm, harmony, bass, and sometimes the melody as well; nerves, distractions, fatigue, and/or simply a lack of familiarity with a song (eg, if it’s new to the set) all conspire to cause mistakes to occur.

So I feel the need for another instrument in the mix and I thought a cajon could be perfect – my good friend JB in Woking is a long-time friend and, he, like me, has played guitar and dabbled with computers and home recording etc. He also bought a cajon from Waterloo Music in Yeovil a couple of years ago – this was a fairly random purchase at the time as he had no previous experience of drumming and percussion.

This weekend I went to Woking and had a play around. The result was pretty good and JB should be joining us at Home Farm Festival on June 8th. Our biggest challenge is getting a good sound through microphones – it’s a hard instrument to amplify so we’ll leave that to the sound guys at the venue. Let’s see how it goes!

Cajon and guitar rig
Rough take with a mobile phone basic sound recorder.