If you want to contribute to this page then see instructions below 🙂

Here’s a calendar of local music events, open mics, festivals etc happening around Somerset and Dorset. We’re not necessarily performing at these – but they are on our radar and “wish list” or they might be recurring events that we have attended previously.

You can filter these events by category (eg, just Open Mics) by using the drop down arrow in the top right of the calendar.

Where available, event details and points of contact are published in the event description. Click on an event to get the details.

The information displayed is obtained from the public sources that the event organiser has supplied themselves and is simply reproduced here as a useful resource and is not being retained, stored or processed by any means other than in this calendar.

We are very happy to work with event organisers who wish to display their music events in this calendar, and we’ll share the calendar with other muscians. The easiest way is to cut/paste the link to your Facebook event and send that link to us using our contact page on this website. Using some internetty-geekery, it then gets added to the calendar, usually within 24 hours. However, events are moderated – location details and a decent event description are required in the FB event in order to keep the content in this calendar high quality. Thanks!