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Why do you need that guitar? Seagull, Artist Mosaic Folk

Like many guitarists, I’ve acquired a few guitars. Not a ridiculous number… maybe… 10…ish. If my wife ever finds/read these blog articles then I hope she will finally believe me when I say that they have all been acquired for a reason! Kind of like a workman’s tools – you need different guitars for different …

The Pursuit of Hoppiness, 13th Oct 2019

Really nice venue in Bridport – a very cool, intimate and friendly venue. Thanks to the audience who were very appreciative and complimentary. We played a 2 hour set between 7 and 9pm. It’s great having a really lightweight rig, but the 2 channels needs to be upgraded. Becs was not happy sharing microphones!

Not a Guitar Lesson – Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues

Here is the second edition of my “not a guitar lesson”. It’s not a guitar lesson because I’m not a teacher. I’m still learning myself – I think I always will be. But, I’m very grateful for the thousands of people on YouTube, some famous, most not, who share lessons advice, knowledge and titbits of …