Fees, setup, setlist

Small venues, reception rooms, restaurants, bars and cafes are our thing. And the chances are, people are at those venues to eat, drink and socialise! So no one wants to be shouting above “background music”. So we have selected our rig to be compact and lightweight – it’s10 minutes to setup, soundcheck and get playing! So we can be in, and out (if needs be), with minimal fuss – which is handy if your event is part of a schedule of events – eg, a wedding reception, etc.

Alternatively, if the drinks are going down well and the evening turns into a party then we can crank it up for a moderate shindig if you wish!

Our gear is compact and we usually arrive self-contained – however, if your event already has a PA setup then of course we can use that and fit right in.

Roland dual channel amplifier, TC-Helicon Vocal and Guitar FX processor, 2 x microphones, acoustic guitar. That’s it!
(and stands for the mics and amp)


For formal events and businesses, our basic fee starts at £125 for a local event in and around Yeovil and South Somerset and is based on 1h:30min of music from our general set list played in the evening. Other circumstances will affect the fee – eg, distance, timings, a longer performance time, specific requests etc. Contact us for further details.

A special note to our local friends… if you’re reading this and wanting us at your party then we might do it free of charge; we’re not looking to take our friend’s money 🙂 But we would love some Facebook “Likes” – the more likes and shares we have, the more people we can reach and therefore the more popular we become. It would really help us. So please get your party guests to like our FB page www.facebook.com/chrisandbecs

Sample setlist

You can view a typical set here: Sample Setlist