Home Farm Festival, 8th/9th June 2019… I love this event. I am actually, by default, a non-festival goer. Although that said, I should probably be a little more open minded, but images of muddy fields, cramped camp sites and constant noise are not my thing – usually. But Home Farm Festival at Chilthorne Domer in Somerset is our local festival – it gets all the local musicians excited to be a part of it, and in the few days leading up to it everyone’s social stream goes crazy sharing and buzzing etc. It’s a nice vibe.

Also, it is a great charity – all in aid of School In a Bag, read more here

This is the 3rd year I have played – and the second time with Becs. And each year, the quality of the performances goes up – it’s proof of some amazing local talent. I also know some great musicians who’s application to perform were turned down; so it is an honour and a privilege to be part of it. Thanks Home Farm – I hope you’ll have us back next year 🙂

Chris, Becs and JB on the Lloyd Lounge Stage
On the Lloyd Lounge Stage
The Lloyd Lounge is one of three big outdoor stages
Having a pre performance chill out on the back stage sofa
On the back-stage sofa! Pre performance
A view of the Domer Stage, which is the main stage for the festival
And here is a view of The Domer Stage