Not a guitar lesson – Deep River Blues, Doc Watson

I first heard this song played live by a guy at a local open mic a few years ago. It totally captured my imagination. I’d never heard the guitar played that way – certainly not by a living, real person, live in front of me. Where as I’d been strumming or perhaps finger picking arpeggios, this song had an alternating bass line, a melody line, and chords that I’d never seen before. It oozed a bluesy sound and suddenly a whole new door opened. I was determined to learn it… and I did. Sort of

The problem with lessons from YouTube videos is that you DON’T get a sense of the hardship, practice, endeavour and persistence required to perfect a technical piece of music. That applies to everyone! There is no such thing as raw natural talent – you just need to put in the time. It’s so easy to watch a 20 minute YouTube lesson, perhaps during an evening, have a go at the music and then give up thinking it’s too difficult and that it’s only possible to do it if you’re better and/or have more talent etc. Watch my video and I’ll explain how it is possible. And another thing, often the tabs that are provided with these lessons are hopelessly wrong or do not have the note lengths indicated etc.

I’m a learner – not a teacher. My version needs work and more practice… However, here’s how it should be done. Enjoy 🙂