Not a Guitar Lesson – Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues

Here is the second edition of my “not a guitar lesson”. It’s not a guitar lesson because I’m not a teacher. I’m still learning myself – I think I always will be. But, I’m very grateful for the thousands of people on YouTube, some famous, most not, who share lessons advice, knowledge and titbits of information. And this is my contribution.

Today, I’m looking at my version of Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. It’s a simple song – but I kind of accidentally created a version of this where I thump the body of the guitar and hit the string with my fingers and thus create a kind of rhythmic driving version of this song. It was the first song that gave me the confidence to perform solo and play in public – I knew that the guitar part was good – it’s loud and gutsy so my rather average singing tone and style gets a confident backing. I like it. And people who hear it often mention it to me after a gig. At our gigs, Becs does the majority of the singing – but occasionally she needs to rest her voice so I’ll step in with something like this. So here’s a bit more about it: