Why do you need that guitar? Seagull, Artist Mosaic Folk

Seagull’s Artist Mosaic Folk (Element)

Like many guitarists, I’ve acquired a few guitars. Not a ridiculous number… maybe… 10…ish. If my wife ever finds/read these blog articles then I hope she will finally believe me when I say that they have all been acquired for a reason! Kind of like a workman’s tools – you need different guitars for different purposes. I don’t want to create another long review of a guitar on my blog. But, I thought it might interesting to post a picture and a bit of information every month about a guitar and talk a little bit about why I have it and what I use it for.

I got this guitar, secondhand from eBay in 2017. It was the first guitar I purchased for the sole purpose of gigging and performing with. I wanted something that was fairly universal, had a pick-up, smallish body for comfort, good all-round sound and feel and, crucially, not too precious. I love a high gloss finish and beautiful detailing etc but what’s the point of having those features on a guitar that is going to get knocked around and transported around pubs, bars and venues?

Seagull is a Canadian brand under the umbrella of Godin guitars. This model is their top of the Seagull range model and I had originally tried out a new model at Project Music in Exeter. However, at the time the models with the “Element” pick up were in short supply so I left empty-handed. In the end I purchased a Taylor 114ce from Mansons. To cut a long story short, I returned the Taylor to Manson’s a few weeks later and let’s just say that I won’t be buying a Taylor again any time soon – not one of the lower end models anyway.

To summarise; the Seagull has become my go-to guitar. The neck is a bit wider than other guitars I have – the sound is warm and mellow and if I’m really critical I think it lacks a little bit of crispness. It has a solid mahogany back and sides with a cedar top with mahogany neck. Plugged in it sounds ok. To my ears, a piezo pick-up always sounds a little brittle but this is an instrument that I take to gigs and open mics and, to be honest, I don’t have the time or inclination to try and shape a beautiful exquisite tone! I’m normally too anxious about getting any sound at all, or eliminating other problems etc!

Next month, I’ll talk about the first acoustic guitar I ever had, Yamaha APX4.