I didn’t know what to expect for a secondary school summer festival. But this was great fun and of course a charity event and fundraiser. The whole event was on the school playing field and there was a good turn out, some very nice compliments and the sun was out all evening. Ham Hill Cider, stone baked pizzas, big pans of paella, craft ice-cream. I don’t ever remember that kind of event when I went to school!

There was a nice line-up of music from Desmonds Dawn, Mossflower, Dan Quinton, Nicky Vellacott as well as ourselves. Superb sound and setup that the school provided – we had a slight hiccup when their mixing board died half-way through our set and a spare was rushed into service. However, the audience just thought we having a break.

And of course, this is the school where Becs teaches… so it was very nice to hear school kids coming up and saying “Miss… that was actually really good”. If you can impress a teenager then you you’re doing alright I reckon! Thanks Stanchester for having us 🙂

Stanchester Academy Summer Festival